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Colorado C170DBA

Dental Saddle Seating

Introducing a redesigned dental operator chair classic. With more functions and a shape specifically designed to provide versatility. With our Crown SeatingDental  Operator chair, you’ll have the option to sit down comfortably in a cradle-like design that holds your body in place. The Colorado C170DBA is basically a hybrid saddle chair with a backrest and paddle arms adding the convenience, comfort, and ergonomics of a traditional dental stool with modern-day accesories. 

Designed For Medical And Dental Users between 5'4" - 6'

Colorado Dental Saddle Stool is a cradle-style design to hold your body comfortable while you work.


Stool: Triple Lever Adjustment
Seat: Saddle
Cylinder: Tall
Base: Polished Top
Casters: Black Hard Floor
Cushioning: High Resiliency Foam
Upholstery: Medical Grade Vinyl


Cradle design that holds your body in place as you work
Lightweight design
Medical grade vinyl
High resilience injection molded foam


Weight: 33 lbs
Stool Base Diameter: 23″
Floor – Seat Height: 16.25″ – 24.25″
Seat Measurements: Diameter Depth -16″ x Width- 18″

Color Options

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Upholstery Options

Standard Vinyl

Standard Color Guard vinyl is a antimicrobial upholstery with a good palette of color variations. 

Ultra Leather

Soft, long-lasting and animal-friendly, Ultraleather® is the leading faux leather fabric 


Silvertex commercial upholstery is fast becoming one of the most commonly used upholstery fabrics worldwide. It features a ‘fabric look’ surface with a contemporary colour range, to create a stylish and durable upholstery range that will meet the demands of the toughest commercial environment.


StaKleen is truly cleanable, the first urethane upholstery to handle ballpoint pen. 

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