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Frequently Asked Questions

Crown Seating

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1.  What is your current lead time?
Lead time is based on production volume and can range from 7-14 business day.  For an exact lead time, call 800-417-4122.

2.  Can you match a specific color or fabric?
We source the same fabrics and colors that all other manufacturers make available on their products. 

3.  Can you please provide tracking information for my order.
We provide tracking information though many avenues.  All tracking information is located on billing documentation which is provided to the customer at the time of shipment.
You can also call 1-800-417-4122, or email shipping@crownseating.com to request your tracking information.

4.  When will my order be shipped?
Estimated ship dates are provided to the customer at time of purchase.  If you have not received a ship date confirmation, please call 1-800-417-4122 or email order@crownseating.com. 
If you do not request a specific ship date, your order will ship in 7-14 business days.

5.  Can I get authorization to return merchandise?
Please email orders@crownseating.com or call 1-800-417-4122 to request a return authorization number.

6.  Can you provide a part number and price?
Call 1-800-417-4122 or email info@crownseating.com to request information on parts and pricing.

7.  Can you provide a freight/shipping quote.
For freight/shipping quotes, please email shipping@crownseating.com or call 1-800-417-4122 and request the shipping department. 
Please provide shipping address for the most accurate quote.

8.  Do you have color charts for download.
To request fabric samples to mailed to you, please contact info@crownseating.com or call 1-800-417-4122/
Include link to download.

9.  What are the up charge prices for additional foams or non-standard fabrics?
Memory Foam Upgrade
$132 Retail

Serene Gel Foam Upgrade

Non-Standard Vinyl Upgrade

10.  Do you have any specials.
We periodically run specials throughout the year to find out if you qualify.  Please call 1-800-417-4122 or contact your local Crown Seating Representative for specific specials information.
Locate a Crown Seating Representative new you.

11.  To find out how to become an authorized Crown Seating dealer, please call 1-800-417-4122