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Glenwood C35A

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Touch Pictures to see features

Touch Pictures to see features

Other Features

Introducing a redesigned classic. The Glenwood Dental assistant stool has a wide base and seat for overall comfort. 

Designed For Medical And Dental Users above 5'4


  • Arm: Ratchet arm adjusts vertically and horizontally to allow user to operate comfortably.
  • Back: None
  • Cylinder: Tall
  • Footring: Adjustable
  • Stool: Single Lever Adjustment
  • Benefits

  • Full tilt adjustment allows the user to sit comfortably while working.
  • A contoured deep seat is perfect for medium to tall users but works well with all body types.
  • Superior High resiliency cushioning creates unparalleled comfort.
  • Beige white casters glide easily in any environment.
  • In addition, Five-leg powder-coated aluminum base provides improved stability.
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 38 lbs
    • Stool Base Diameter: 23"
    • Floor Seat Height: 23" - 30"
    • Seat Measurements: Width 17" Contoured

    Color Options

    Glenwood C35A Gallery


    GLENWOOD  Seating


    Upholstery Options

    Standard Vinyl

    Standard Color Guard vinyl is a antimicrobial upholstery with a good palette of color variations. 

    Ultra Leather

    Soft, long-lasting and animal-friendly, Ultraleather® is the leading faux leather fabric 


    Silvertex commercial upholstery is fast becoming one of the most commonly used upholstery fabrics worldwide. It features a ‘fabric look’ surface with a contemporary colour range, to create a stylish and durable upholstery range that will meet the demands of the toughest commercial environment.


    StaKleen is truly cleanable, the first urethane upholstery to handle ballpoint pen. 

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