Too short, too tall, too wide, too deep, too hard, too soft...

All of these situations can cause discomfort, skeletal misalignment and often times, cumulative trauma disorder. The notion that “one size fits all” has become outdated as ergonomic research has proven that sitting on a stool or chair that doesn’t fit the particular user’s size can diminish their quality of life, shorten their working career, and diminish their work quality. The “Goldilocks Principle” declares that “one size does not fit all” and that optimal quality (of both output and life) can only be achieved with a proper fitting stool.

A little of our story

We pioneered the concept of the “Goldilocks Philosophy” to encourage everyone to understand that “one size does not fit all.”

Just as everyone cannot wear the same size pants, nor can they use the same size seating stool, a stool. Maximum performance, as well as maximizing your health, requires a size which fits you for your height, weight, body type, and specialized function.

Our Stools follow this chart

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