virtù® C120DML (Large Seat)

Mesh operator stool recommended for users of all sizes

Designer-Steven R. Knight –After years of  racing on the Le Mans circuit and experiencing the pain of numerous  accidents and broken bones, I was determined to find an answer to the pain I was experiencing as I worked in a forward, seated position. Owning a company that designssophisticated, truly ergonomic stools for the dental industry gave me the resources and research necessary to design a solution to my back pain. The virtù™ chair was designedwith the advanced mechanics and materials to perform in a manner that actually improves the health of an operator’s back. The patented ZenWave™ motion provides unbinding, stress-free support as the operator leans forward, allowing the pelvis torotate forward in a natural position, and protect the lower back from further injury.Additionally, the scientifically designed backrest moves with the operator to massage the lumbar area of the spine, which increases blood flow and nutrients to the lower back muscles and inter vertebral discs.


  • Weight: 48 lbs

  • Stool Base Diameter: 24″

  •  Floor Seat Height: 20″ – 25″

  • Seat Measurements: Width 20.25″ x  Depth 19.5″

MSRP:  $1,256.00

A traditional chair creates unhealthy pressure points from the hip bones, the tailbone and the legs which increase as you lean forward to work. The virtu chair’s support system rolls with you as you move back and forth, providing improved support without any harsh pressure on your body,

The unique flexing properties of the high-strength fiber-reinforced frame, combined with the precise variable tensioning of the mesh support system, allows weight and its corresponding pressure points to be optimally dispersed regardless of the position of the body.


  • The patented ZenWave™ motion technology allows you to float forward and backward without harmful pressure.


  • The Active Tilt™ seat plate pivots smoothly forward and backward to promote proper body alignment.


  • The “Free-Float” backrest stays with you as you lean forward, giving you continuous support.


  • virtù® fits you. Customize your seat and backrest position simply with three lever adjustments.


  • The convex shape of the “Free-Float” backrest massages and improves blood flow to your lower back.


  • The cool breathable mesh prevents perspiration buildup and keeps your clothes looking fresh and clean.