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SteamBoat C60D

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Touch Pictures to see features

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Steamboat C60D

Silverton Seating



With our Steamboat Crown Seating Dental Operator stool, you’ll have the option to sit down comfortably and still reach your patient. The stool’s padded design provides excellent comfort on the seat and lumbar. 

Designed For Medical And Dental Users Above 5'10''

Steamboat Operator Stool designed with every BODY in mind.


  • Stool: Triple Lever Adjustment
  • Back: Half Moon Backrest
  • Seat: Plush
  • Cylinder: Short
  • Base: Beige Powder Coated Metal
  • Casters: Hard Floor
  • Cushioning: Multi-Layered Foam
  • Upholstery: Any Choice of medical grade.

  • Benefits

  • Revolutionary seat pan mechanism allows the backrest to massage user's lower back.
  • Multiple layers of foam facilitate better upper body weight support and alleviates pressure under the legs.
  • Triple lever adjustment allows user to operate in comfort through maximum adjustability.
  • Full tilting seat and back promote a better and healthier posture.
  • "Free-Float" position, the seat and the backrest will follow you as you lean forward and back on the stool.
  • ABS shrouds provide easy cleaning surfaces.
  • Deep seat is ideal for tall/plus size users.
  • beige casters glide easily in any environment.

  • Specifications

  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Stool Base Diameter: 23"
  • Floor Seat Height: 19" - 24.5"
  • Back: Width 16.5" x Depth 11"
  • Seat Measurements: Width 19" x Depth 15.5"

  • Color Options

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    Upholstery Options

    Standard Vinyl

    Standard Color Guard vinyl is a antimicrobial upholstery with a good palette of color variations. 

    Ultra Leather

    Soft, long-lasting and animal-friendly, Ultraleather® is the leading faux leather fabric 


    Silvertex commercial upholstery is fast becoming one of the most commonly used upholstery fabrics worldwide. It features a ‘fabric look’ surface with a contemporary colour range, to create a stylish and durable upholstery range that will meet the demands of the toughest commercial environment.


    StaKleen is truly cleanable, the first urethane upholstery to handle ballpoint pen. 

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