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Our Company Ethos and Promise

Whether it’s our extensive product line of healthy seating options, knowledgeable customer service staff, or our unparalleled quality, we’re sure you’ll find something that will allow you to Work and Live in Comfort.

We firmly believe that ergonomics is not just some buzz word to be used in marketing brochures, but is the founding principle of all of our research and design projects.

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Goldilocks philosophy

We pioneered “humaneering” to encourage everyone to understand that, “One size does not fit all.”

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We continually search for new, better technology to incorporate into our products. 

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We believe that “humaneering,” engineering that fits the human body rather than designing just to have something new, is critical to moving the benchmark higher.

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A New Way Of Sitting

Throw out tradition and what your were "taught in school."
The dental industry is in a state of evolution with regard to healthy seating!

Following the principles of noted ergonomists and physiotherapists, such as Mandel, Keegan, Grandjean & Gayle, maintenance of a neutral position is now being regarded as healthy seating.
Neutral position is a manner of maintaining one's body in a relaxed position so that the joints are aligned, minimizing stress on tendons, muscles, and skeletal system. This reduces the risk of developing a musculoskeletal injury and maximizing range of motion.
For a sitting posture, neutral position is best accomplished in a saddle stool. The result is an elevated posture with hips positioned above knees, thus eliminating excess compression on the back of thighs, allowing for normal blood flow to lower extremities. This position also allows your back to rest at a better, more supported angle, during those long workplace hours.
Recent studies suggest that over 50% of people in the U.S. will spend at least 2-3 hours/day sitting in a chair, whether that be at work or at home. Your total health is determined by the combined ergonomic principles practiced at both work and at leisure.

Crown Seating puts health, style and practicality in one stool, allowing you to Work & Live in Comfort.

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What people say about Crown Seating!

"These are not just simply stools or chairs. These are tools and investments in our careers. With Crown Seating I have been able to do what I love, Longer and more comfortable."

Barbara ThendorDental Hygienist

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